Saturday, June 6, 2015

New Website

Welcome to Cathy Creates

A few changes you might not be aware of. First, I have moved to a new web host. Long story, but what it comes down to is, what I thought was a safe website wasn't. I could not buy a certificate to ensure my customers could shop safety.

Second, the way this new host is set up I will not be able to offer free patterns so, for now they will be going to my Etsy shop.

I am working with the host site to combine my front page with my store. I have added links for now so navigation is just a little confusing.

Now the good news. I have everything that was on the other site on the new site except for the free pattern. The new site is now I tried to wait on my .com domain name but it was taking too long.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Thank you,


  1. Nice work Cathy...I am following your blog and shared on social sites.

  2. Hi Cathy, your new website looks great! I have both the .net and the .com domains pointing to my one shop. You can do that, too, if you want. Wishing you a ton of success!


    1. Thank you Peggi. I put links on my .com shop but I will not be keeping it.

  3. Your new sit is really nice! Shared at G+ from here. Tweeted from your site. :) Wishing you super good luck with it!

  4. Your site looks great! Best of luck with it.

  5. Very nice! Good luck to you.

  6. Great job on your new site! Wishing you lots of sales.

  7. Beautiful, Cathy! I hope it's a grand new home!

  8. Looks faannnnntastic! All of my fingers are crossed for a rousing success!

  9. Great looking web site, Cathy! Seamus and I wish you MUCH selling success!

  10. You're off to a great start!